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The scope, scale, and complexity of today’s data-driven world creates new demands in the data centre. Big Data continues to loom and the ability to forecast what impact data growth will have in 2013 becomes an unthinkable task.  Studies show that average organisations are expecting over 50% growth in the next 12 to 18 months but the questions to consider is what will the impact of this be? Register to attend an event near you!

Is the 3rd platform in your IT strategy?
There is a shift within IT towards a new technology platform to help organisations determine a data centre which will enable them for growth and innovation in the future. There has been the “1st platform” of mainframe, to the LAN/IP and client-server “2nd platform”, with both now being eclipsed by a “3rd platform” of mobile devices, social media, big data and cloud-based services. It seems a logical evolution as well as an easy progression of scale; however, what will be the effect on organisations?

Unified Scale Out Systems Prediction Explored
IDC predict 25% of midmarket firms will move towards private cloud engagements by the end of 2013*. With all sizes of organisations wanting to consider a move to a private cloud, the need to consider how their data centre will scale will be essential and unification of technology will be crucial to how they respond.

Responding to the Data Avalanche Explored
IDC predict digital data created in 2013 will reach 4ZB – that’s 50% more than 2012 and near quadruple the volumes of 2010*. Organisations are creating enormous amounts of data from a variety of sources, such as applications, new mobile devices, big data analytics, and the cloud. Unfortunately if ignored it will change the speed in which business gets conducted and impact upon growth capacity.

The Ideal Data Centre - Together we will explore the next step in engineering to solve the crucial dilemmas you face today.

We know data growth is one of the major challenges facing businesses today and therefore storage efficiency is under considerable strain – according to one recent report* up to 17% of overall IT budget is spent on managing storage not on creating the vision for the future!

But however the effects of explosive data growth manifest themselves in your organisation – data sprawl, server proliferation, rising storage costs, sluggish performance - one thing's for certain: left unchecked, it's only going to get worse.


And all this means that IT budget should now be delivering value through innovative solutions that create growth, instead tied up in routine maintenance tasks.

The Ideal Data Centre

Turn this challenge on its head, and it becomes an opportunity: solve the storage issue and you transform your entire IT operation, freeing up resources to drive your business forward and build The Ideal Data Centre.

*Forrester Report

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